“Craving for some crunchy roasted pork a.k.a Siew Yok or Char Siew which is barbecued to perfection, Sun Yeong Wai is certainly the place to find it.”

Indulge Yourself With Delicious Food,
Thats their motto and having be in business for 10 years, Sun Yeong Wai Restaurant is a well known name in Ipoh for their specialties not only for roast, but also their delicious dishes too.

- ipohchai.com


Since small, my parents always brought me to this restaurant – Sun Yeong Wai, when they were craving for roasted duck. Until now, we still always go to this shop when we need roasted duck as our meal! – hhuiyi.blogspot.com


We could hardly wait to eat it so we dug in for a little taste while in the car. Like Cody said “this is the best duck I have ever tasted.” – Greetings from Dar